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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Back to School Routine and Chore Charts

Yes, that would be TRYING to get a routine. It is a mad house in my house all of the time. I finally feel like I am getting some things under control. It must be because Ike and Sam are getting a little bigger. 

Nighttime seams to be the biggest problem. Ike and Sam nurse to sleep and it seems like it takes them forever to fall asleep. I have gotten lazy and I will go nurse one of them on the couch to sleep while I watch t.v. or I will let them run around around until 11:30pm. That way they will be nice and ready. Sometimes I just get a little annoyed by it. We also have the problem of one of them or both of them getting up after we lay down (it's hard with two) and going to play or find daddy. 

Here is our bedtime race car to-do chart! This is the best picture I could take. I laminated it so that is why there is a big flash on it. Ike and Sam each have their own car and track. I found some pics online for what they have to do. When the task gets completed they  move the laminated car to it. I did use a little sticky velcro to do this. It won't stay sticking on their forever so I am going to try some poster putty next. 
The 1st picture is ready, set, go. Followed with pic up toys, bath time, pj's, brush teeth, a book, cross the finish line and goodnight. I hope it works to get them to bed and for me to stick to it.

Josie is ten and going into the 5th grade. She really want's an allowance. I think she should have to work for it.  Before school she must make her bed, brush her teeth and eat/clean up her breakfast. After school includes homework, have her school bag ready for the next day and pick up room. Before bed brush teeth and pick out clothes for am. Everyday she must pick up after herself, help around the house, be respectful, ask before doing things and no crying/whining when she doesn't get her own way.
I think this is pretty general for 10 year old. This is the first one of these I have made. I hope it helps keep Josie a little more structured.

How do you get your kids into a routine and get them to remember their chores?


Hope said...

I love the idea of your charts!

Christy said...

Way to go! That looks like fun! :) We are working on a chore system here too.