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Monday, May 9, 2011

My New Recycled Basket

I needed a cool container quick. So I found some fabric and the glue gun in the craft box.
Here is the ugly plastic container. I am starting to hate plastic really bad. I think there is nothing good about it.
I found this piece of fabric. Perfect size!
I glued it to the side.
Then I glued it to the inside.
I just keep gluing along the inside edges.

Inside is all done.
I took the extra fabric and glued it along the front.
Yay, I like it!
I wanted to hang it on the wall so I needed to cover up the bottom. I took a piece of denim and glued the sides down.
More gluing :0
All done!
There it is on the wall. I have to put everything on the walls, because my kids get into everything.

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