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Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Sourdough Adventure - It's just the beginning.

 I was at the heath food store and I picked up a little packet of Gold Rush Sourdough Starter. I am such a cheater. All I had to do was add water and flour and it was ready. Simple. I didn't have to mess around with getting my sourdough going. Which is great since I've procrastinating about starting my sourdough. 

Here it is! My always hungry sourdough.
Sourdough has many health benefits. I want to do as much of my baking as I can with it. Sourdough breaks down gluten making it easier to digest and I think my hubby might be a little gluten intolerant.

I have found this great website http://www.northwestsourdough.com/. Northwest Sourdough has a free e-book that is all about sourdough and lots of recipes. Everything you need to know about sourdough is in this free e-book.

My sourdough is keeping me really busy. So far I have made hamburger buns, biscuits, waffles, bagels, crackers, pancakes, whole grain bread, tortillas, tortillas and more tortillas. I have been making homemade tortilla chips and everyone loves them. I don't mind doing it either because they are much healthier and cheaper. I need to figure out a sourdough/flour ratio so I can change regular recipes into sourdough. One thing at a time, Jessica.

We have made these sourdough crackers twice and everyone eats them up quick. They are very easy to make and use up sourdough. You can sprinkle whatever you want on them to season them. We have tried lemon pepper and salt. 

In a few days my sourdough is going in the refrigerator to take a break. My freezer is overflowing with baked goods. Do you use sourdough? What are your favorite recipes?

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